While we often manage all phases of production from pre to post, our crew is used to also collaborating with other teams. 

One such client has been UEFA for whom we’ve offered local production services, most recently during the Men’s Euros in 2020, when we had three camera ops, one reporter, one producer and a production manager producing content around the Finnish national football team, for both linear and digital distribution. 

For UEFA we’ve offered local production services in our hometown Helsinki, but we’re happy to say that our crew is also accustomed to working on-site abroad. We’ve traveled with cameras and editing laptops around the world, covering events from Melbourne GP to the Four Hill Tournament and Diamond League to UEFA Champions League matches around Europe. We’ve had our fair share of vocal booths set up in cars, hotels and locker rooms and we know our way around sports stadiums, accreditation centers and equipment declarations.

Especially working in sports, knowing how to operate on the road is essential and after years of experience we can safely say that we know how to do that. So if it’s onsite reporters, camera ops (that double as editors) and production managers that you’re after, we’re up to the challenge.