Case: Vierumäki Finnish Challenge


Vierumäki Golf is the proud host of the Vierumäki Finnish Challenge, a Challenge Tour level tournament organized in Finland. 

The first Vierumäki Finnish Challenge took place in August 2016 and with the exception of one covid-miss in 2020, has taken place each year since. We produced the original highlight show in 2016 and have been a part of the tournament since, creating content around the event for YLE, MTV and various digital platforms. Most recently in 2022 we produced a 42-minute review program and have already marked the dates in our calendar for next year. 

This is an onsite production with writing, filming and editing all happening in Vierumäki. While the crew has changed from year to year, Ville Lepistö has been the executive producer running the show since year one, with Lauri Antonius leading the technical production.