Productions during the Covid-19 outbreak

Our team is still working and we’re happy to help you with your production needs during the Covid-19 outbreak. Under these exceptional circumstances, however, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

• We comply with government regulations and do not organize film shoots that require more than ten people on set. 

• All meetings are held remotely using video calls. 

• We’ve instructed our camera crew to keep a safe distance of two meters or more between themselves and the cast. 

• We’ve also instructed our entire team to avoid shaking hands with customers during this time. 

• We still welcome podcasters to record in our studio. During this time, however, we allow a maximum of two speakers to record at the same time.

• We also take extra care with hand hygiene and disinfect all surfaces and equipment before and after productions.

• We strongly advise against risk group members taking part in any productions. 

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