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C More and MTV

Kuitu Media’s 10-year partnership with MTV Sport began when the company took over management of MTV’s sport media archives. Quickly the cooperation expanded to TV production and now we provide MTV with a wide range of TV industry services: production, fiming, editing, directing and reporting, for instance.

TV inserts and live reporting form a large amount of the work we produce for MTV and C More. Our team members are experienced TV professionals and used to touring global sporting events and updating Finnish sports audiences with the news of the world. 

TV series

Over the years Kuitu Media has also produced TV series and other bigger productions for MTV and C More. The fifth season of our F1 magazine program Formulasirkus kicked off in February 2020, and in 2017 MTV commissioned Kuitu Media to produce a weekly live betting show called Pelisilmä

In 2019 Kuitu Media oversaw the technical production of Never Give Up, a TV documentary about Valtteri Bottas.

Ville Lepistö and the team

At the core of our work is our skilled and driven team of professionals. Our executive producer Ville Lepistö is a familiar face for Finnish sports audiences, having commentated, reported and hosted for MTV for years. Ville has also produced some key productions at MTV, like the IIHF Men’s World Championships, F1 series and UCL and UEL football.  In addition to Ville, both our editor Janne Leppänen and reporter Niko Lehmuskanta regularly feature on MTV’s sport productions. 

We mostly work on F1, football and ice hockey productions, but over the years we’ve covered events from across the spectrum. We feel honored and privileged to have played such a key role in MTV’s sports broadcasting, and we look forward to seeing what future years with MTV will bring.

Media Management

Our media archives unit, which launched our cooperation with MTV back in 2009, is still as active as ever. While the media industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, our media operators’ passion for sports and technical knowhow still lies at the heart of our business today. 

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